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Big Drums!

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Big Drums!


Product Description


As all producers know, building up a solid drum library can be an incredibly difficult and exhausting task, well, we here at Premier Sound Bank are bringin' it home with our brand new Big Drums! pack created by the French producer "Le Jad". This pack was curated and developed to give you access to some of the crispiest and hardest-hitting drum shots to hold down the base of your productions.

Each Big Drums! pack includes the following: 


- 10 Booms

- 10 Cymbals & Crashes

- 40 Hi-hats

- 40 Kicks

- 20 Percussion Samples

- 40 Snares

- 10 Toms

Total: 170 sounds 

Please note that all samples are in WAV format - 24bit - 44.100khz



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