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Glitch Hop Superpack - Out Now.

We are very excited to be welcoming the brand new Australian sound design label Next Access Level Audio, or N.A.L.A. to Premier Sound Bank and with that they have delivered an incredible debut with Glitch Hop Superpack. As many of you know, the Superpacks are somewhat of a signature here at Premier Sound Bank and have been since our [...]

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Free Toneden Premium Account for Premier Sound Bank Customers

We've partnered up with ToneDen to offer you their "Follow on SoundCloud" to download service for free, permanently. To obtain your upgrade, sign up through this hyperlink and you'll instantly receive your lifetime discount.(Offer ends on 11/26 - you can direct any questions to support@toneden.io)In case you're not familiar with Toneden yet, it is a new [...]

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Premier Big Room Sounds - Out Now.

Premier Big Room Sounds Volume 1 is our first pack at Premier Sound Bank solely focused on bringing you a fully loaded pack of that main stage big-room sound.As most of our customers know, our main focus with Premier Sound Bank thus far has been on Trap as well as more sound design concentrated genres such [...]

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Premier Trap Vocal Samples - Out Now.

With our newest pack, Premier Trap Vocals, we are having our first go at a full blown Trap Vocals sample pack, while we did include vocals in Trap Superpack Volume 3, the amount of time and energy put into the studio creating these ended up with some top-quality vocal samples.We've included everything from deep Dirty-South phrases and [...]

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Premier Glitch Hop Snares - Out Now.

We all know that if there is one thing a Glitch Hop track really needs, it's a rock solid snare. With Premier Glitch Hop Snares, crafted and designed by the Swiss based Turntablist and Bass Music producer 'Fish Hook' we set out to deliver loud, punchy and crisp Snares that are simply on a level of their [...]

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Premier Trap Massive Patches Volume 2 - Out Now.

We are pleased to announce that our second round of Trap Massive Patches are now available here on Premier Sound Bank. Since we released Premier Trap Massive Patches Volume 1 one year ago in July 2013, we have been hard at work on getting more of that top-notch Trap sound to you for use in NI Massive.Premier [...]

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