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Rightsify - Sample Pack Distribution - Sell Your Sample Packs, Loops, Presets and Sound FX.

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We've teamed up with music management platform Rightsify to offer an exclusive distribution deal to sell your sample packs.

With the deal, Premier Sound Bank customers can sell and distribute their sample packs, loops, presets and sound FX at Premier Sound Bank as well as Beatport, ADSR Sounds, Producer Loops as well as other leading stores across the web, and the best part is that Premier Sound Bank customers exclusively keep 90% of their sales for their first month of using the service.

So, how does it work?

1. Signup for the distribution service by getting in touch with Rightsify and sending them links to your music and sample packs. Be sure to mention the code PREMIERSIFY to activate your deal.

2. Once approved, you can start uploading your sample packs and getting them distributed across the web. As a Premier Sound Bank customer, you get to keep 90% of sales for the first month of using the service, then after your first month you keep 70% of sales.

3. Monthly Payments - You'll get paid for your sample pack sales every month, with no minimum payout threshold.

4. Dashboard Analytics - Access and view in-depth reporting data and analytics on your sales. Everything from which stores or products are the most popular as well with how many units you are selling each month and quarter.

To start selling your sounds, just click the Start Selling button below and mention the code PREMIERSIFY to activate your exclusive deal.

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