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Premier Neuro Superpack Vol. 2 - Out Now.

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After the madness that was Premier Neuro Superpack, we've delivered on Volume 2 with even darker and deeper sounds than Volume 1. 

Volume 2 has a keen focus on the Neurofunk and DnB sides of Neuro so the sounds are definitely darker but still fitting for mid-tempo and 140bpm productions. Over 350 sounds are in the pack and we've included everything from Bass hits, loops and FX to Drum hits, loops and Orchestral FX.

Take a listen to the preview and download Premier Neuro Superpack Vol. 2 right here.

Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3 - Out Now.

It's been exactly two years since we released Drum & Bass Superpack Volume 2 and we are extremely happy to be back today with the all-new Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3!Like with all of our Superpacks here at Premier Sound Bank there is an emphasis on a fully-rounded pack with almost 300 sounds that [...]

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Premier Neuro Superpack - Out Now.

After the heaviness that we put out earlier this month with Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3, we are already back at it with Premier Neuro Superpack.Our Premier Neuro Bass series in the past has focused on the Bass, however, we're now bringing it to you with Drums and Sound FX so you can make the [...]

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Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3 - Out Now.

Following up on Premier Neuro Bass Volume 1 and 2, we're back with a Volume 3 that defies all rules of a Neuro Bass sample pack.With over 1000 bass sounds in total, including reese, fx, distortion, neuro and growls, Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3 truly has the full package of Neuro Bass sounds.As always, we'll [...]

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Run The Trap Superpack - Out Now.

Late in 2014 we teamed up with our longtime partners at Run The Trap to create an exclusive and awesome Trap Superpack for them.The result? 130 diversified club-bangin' Trap sounds that are ready to be used for your next productions. Everything from Drums, Synths to Sound FX and even some super exclusive 'Run The Trap' vocal samples.We'll [...]

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We are happy to be introducing our newest pack today, CATATRAP produced by the French turntablist and producer Le Jad. If you're not familiar with the name, you're most likely familiar with his work from one of our best-selling packs Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 2 or one of our first ever packs at Premier Sound Bank, Big Drums!With CATATRAP [...]

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Free music distribution from Symphonic Distribution

We've teamed up with the crew over at Symphonic Distribution to offer an exclusive free distribution deal to Premier Sound Bank customers. With Symphonic, artists can get their music released on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Google and lots more as well as keep 100% of their royalties.Being that so many of our customers at Premier Sound Bank [...]

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Glitch Hop Superpack - Out Now.

We are very excited to be welcoming the brand new Australian sound design label Next Access Level Audio, or N.A.L.A. to Premier Sound Bank and with that they have delivered an incredible debut with Glitch Hop Superpack. As many of you know, the Superpacks are somewhat of a signature here at Premier Sound Bank and have been since our [...]

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Free Toneden Premium Account for Premier Sound Bank Customers

We've partnered up with ToneDen to offer you their "Follow on SoundCloud" to download service for free, permanently. To obtain your upgrade, sign up through this hyperlink and you'll instantly receive your lifetime discount.(Offer ends on 11/26 - you can direct any questions to support@toneden.io)In case you're not familiar with Toneden yet, it is a new [...]

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Premier Big Room Sounds - Out Now.

Premier Big Room Sounds Volume 1 is our first pack at Premier Sound Bank solely focused on bringing you a fully loaded pack of that main stage big-room sound.As most of our customers know, our main focus with Premier Sound Bank thus far has been on Trap as well as more sound design concentrated genres such [...]

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