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Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3 - Out Now.

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It's been exactly two years since we released Drum & Bass Superpack Volume 2 and we are extremely happy to be back today with the all-new Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3!

Like with all of our Superpacks here at Premier Sound Bank there is an emphasis on a fully-rounded pack with almost 300 sounds that is complete with Drums, Bass and FX segmented by Loops and One Shots. 

Have a listen to the preview and download Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3 here.

Premier Neuro Superpack - Out Now.

After the heaviness that we put out earlier this month with Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3, we are already back at it with Premier Neuro Superpack.Our Premier Neuro Bass series in the past has focused on the Bass, however, we're now bringing it to you with Drums and Sound FX so you can make the [...]

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Glitch Hop Superpack - Out Now.

We are very excited to be welcoming the brand new Australian sound design label Next Access Level Audio, or N.A.L.A. to Premier Sound Bank and with that they have delivered an incredible debut with Glitch Hop Superpack. As many of you know, the Superpacks are somewhat of a signature here at Premier Sound Bank and have been since our [...]

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