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Film Score

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Film Score


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Whether you are preparing to score a film, or simply enjoy incorporating live orchestral instruments into your music, our Film Score sound pack serves as a great tool to apply to your productions. With a total of 273 sounds included, we provide you with the building blocks needed to create the highest quality film scores and orchestral sessions possible. We stock you up with everything from elaborate horn sections and emotional string arrangements, to ambient samples and cutting edge sound effects. Combined with our assistance, your creativity is given full reign to produce soundscapes to shift the mood of listeners, bound only to the limits of your imagination. Check out our official Film Score pack and begin channeling your imagination immediately! 



  •  21 Horn Samples

  •  21 Trombone Samples

  •  14 Trumpet Samples

  •  21 Tuba Samples

  •  42 Violin Strings

  •  14 Bass Strings

  •  14 Cello Strings

  •  21 Viola Strings

    35 Soundscapes

    20 Ambient Samples

    50 Cutting-edge Sound Effects

    Total: 273 sounds 

    Please note all Samples are in WAV. format - 24bit - 44.100 khz



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