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Future House Complete Production Package

Future House Complete Production Package


Product Description


Everytime you use a weak sound or sample, you’re missing the opportunity of creating a huge track.

Stop doing that. Step up your game, right now.

You can now have the sounds that nobody has.


FUTURE HOUSE Complete Production Package is giving you the tools to expand your creativity, instantly.

We promise, these 131 high-quality sounds will be game-changing for you.

These are not the usual bad attemps at sounds, these are the real deal of quality and usability.


Here’s what’s inside this big package:

– 68 Presets for NI Massive: a LOT of Future House basses, leads and FXs.
– 63 WAV Samples: tight kicks, perfect claps and snares, reverberating claps and empowering impacts.
– Ableton Live 9 project of the demo with all the midi melodies inside of it.


This is probably the best Future House soundset out there right now.

Discover these sounds before everyone else and gain an edge on the competition.



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