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Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3

Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3


Product Description

Following up on the massive packs that were Premier Neuro Bass Volume 1 & 2, Premier Sound Bank is back at it with an even more monstrous Volume 3.


With over 1000 roaring bass growls, reeses, fx and more Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3 delivers the full package for a bass music producer. Whether you're looking to implement some re-sampled sounds for your Glitch Hop track, some reeses for that new DnB smasher or some straight up Neuro growls for your new Trap song, this is what bass music is all about.




- 133 Neuro

- 19 Distortion

- 47 Foley

- 68 FX

- 207 Glitch

- 207 Granulized

- 43 Growls

- 47 Reeses

- 232 Resampled

Please note that all sounds are in WAV format - 24bit - 44.100khz

PS. You can also download Premier Neuro Bass Volume 1 and 2 here at Premier Sound Bank.



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